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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phoenixandrew 10 / 10

Kicks butt for a million bucks!

Saw this film at the International Horror & Sci-Fi Festival in Tempe, Arizona last night. This is the first film that I have seen from the "Project Greenlight" series. Since the film was made for only a million bucks, I expected "Feast" to be loaded with lots of things that would show that it was shot on a low budget. Well, there wasn't any CGI special effects and 99% of this film was shot inside the bar, but other than that, I didn't feel anything else was compromised that would affect the quality of the film. In fact, this film kicks more butt than most multi-million dollar horror and sci-fi flicks! "Feast" takes place inside a bar in the middle of the California desert. At one moment, a bloodied man shows up with a dead creature in his hand. He says there are four of them, he doesn't know what they are or where they came from, except that they devour and kill anybody they see. Within minutes, the creatures suddenly show up, the carnage begins and all hell breaks loose.

What I liked most about this film was the comical intros for all the lead characters: "hero", "loser", "expects nothing in life" etc.

Director John Gulager and one of the writers, Marcus Dunstan, chatted with the audience after the screening. According to John, the film was scheduled for a January 2006 release. Unfortunately, the turmoil at the film's distributors has put "Feast" on the shelf at least for now. Hopefully, something could be done to get this film out to the public, word of mouth is already out and "Feast" stands to make millions at the box office.

Reviewed by xStewieGriffinx 4 / 10

The only thing scary is that people rated this higher

Getting right to the point, this movie was a huge letdown in my eyes. I have been making my way through some horror movies I had not seen yet (May, A Tale of Two Sisters, etc...) when I ran across this title. It was ranked on a lot of top horror movie lists, but after watching I can honestly say I don't understand why. The filmmakers seem like they can't figure out what sub-genre they want to end up with. This movie struggles between being a gore horror (succeeding in some parts but overall trying too hard), a dark comedy (a bad one at that), and a deeper movie than what it is by trying to develop character depth (epic fail).

I gave this movie some stars because it does manage to introduce some elements that could have been good, if the movie wouldn't have had so many negative qualities. The gore succeeds at times, but as I said before overall it feels forced and given the attempts at comedy and character development, doesn't feel like a gore horror. The movie also gives brief biographies of each character, but this becomes redundant after the first 3-4 and by the time they are all done, you're wondering why they did so many. The cinematography is good in some areas when it is not shaking from cut scene to cut scene so fast that it makes you wonder if you are having a seizure or watching a movie.

Sadly, the monsters in this movie look too much like the creatures from the "Alien" series to give credit to the filmmakers. For the life of me, I still see no reason why the monsters decide to wear clothing and bulls heads when the bull skulls don't even cover where their heads are located. Though a small gripe and not a defining factor for my rating, it still bothers me that creatures which hump items at random, eat humans whole, and throw up on people have some sort of issue with not wearing clothing.

If you're looking for a good horror movie and have not seen many, I would recommend looking elsewhere. If you're simply a horror movie fan like myself who has seen many and is looking for something that has slipped through the cracks.....I'd still suggest looking elsewhere. If you're trying to prolong going to get that root canal done but have ran out of other things to procrastinate with though, this is less painful. I give this movie a 4/10 because it simply takes itself too seriously to write it off as a dark comedy, but not seriously enough to be a good horror movie.

Reviewed by fishbulb11 8 / 10

Great late night film

I saw this movie last night at the Chicago Film Festival. This movie is not one that will change lives or addresses pressing social issues. Though it would be easy for somebody to say that it is a metaphor for our day and time with terrorist threats and all, but somebody even could do that with Cheaper by the Dozen. So anyway about Feast, it's a great film to watch.

The premise is very simple a bunch of strangers are locked in a bar for the night as monsters try and get in. There really isn't much more to it and that is where the beauty of this film lies. I have heard that Marcus, one of the writers described this as a movie that you start watching on TBS at 2 am and you don't finish, which is a great description for it.

The performances are pretty strong because the actors seem so relaxed in them. The best performances come from Balthazar Getty, Duane Whitaker, Clu Gulgar, Krista Allen, and Josh Zuckerman. The work of the Thomas L Callaway the cinematographer is great, especially in the final showdown scene, some may complain about not being able to see but the red color that covers the scene is great. The final shot of Krista Allen behind the rising sun is just beautiful, even if it is only a simple horror movie.

The main credit goes to John Gulager, whom despite all the "drama" shown on Project Greenlight, has crafted a really enjoyable film. He took all the raw elements of the production and crafted just an amazing final product. This is a movie that I will suggest to people who just want to enjoy themselves in a theater.

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